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Larnaca international airport
Cyprus Airports – Inside the terminal in LarnacaLarnaca is the biggest airport in Cyprus. Both in terms of passengers and available destinations from Cyprus it significantly larger when compared to the airport in Paphos. The airport is located less than 5 kilometres outside of the coastal city Larnaca and is also close to other favourite tourist destinations such as Ayia Napa and Limassol. Larnaca airport is also the airport closest to the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.

Larnaca airport was developed as a civilian airport in 1975 following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and was upgraded with a new terminal building in 2009 with modern check in counters and departure gates.

Airports in Cyprus at night – Larnaca
Outside Larnaca airport in Cyprus at Night time

Paphos International Airport
Outside Paphos International Airport, Cyprus
Outside the airport in Paphos

Paphos is the other international airport in Cyprus and is positioned on the Western Coast of Cyprus. It is significantly smaller than the airport in Larnaca and due to few scheduled routes there is a significant difference between arrivals and departures to and from Paphos airport when comparing holiday season numbers with the off season equivalent.

Paphos International Airport primarily services tourists that flies to Cyprus with the aim of holidaying in Limassol, Latchi or in Paphos and it’s surrounding cities.

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