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Been there recently?

We are here to help you find your perfect Cyprus holiday!

Being travel trained in the UK and working in the Cyprus tourist industry since the late ‘80s we’ve seen a lot of changes in the way HOLIDAYS happen.

Now there is so much more choice & so many more things to do with your day – plus I think secretly we have all become a bit more adventurous and being well travelled we are all that bit more confident to maybe go off the beaten track or do something a bit different with our time. HIRE a car and follow the wine routes into the mountain villages, take a private TOUR to see what specifically interests you – that’s where Cyprus Travel Consultants come in! We will help to point you in the right direction, to help you make the most of your holiday with what specifically interests you – are all the guys off playing golf?

Please contact us we want you to enjoy your holiday and fall in love with Cyprus just like we did!


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