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Good Causes

Jodies Cyprus Dogs Re-homing

A dedicated team of volunteers supporting Jodie and her parents and working with organisations in Cyprus to rehome deserving dogs to a forever home in the UK

Dozens of stray dogs are found in Cyprus every single day. The majority of them (specifically those who are not just lost) are deliberately abandoned by their owners for various reasons: if they are hounds, they may be ‘insufficient for hunting’; if newborns, it is normally because their owners already have too many dogs and did not plan for the litter; if they are old and belong to non-conscious owners, they simply abandon them. Even if they survive from starvation, poisoning, accidents or how they are dumped they will either be collected by the municipality and unless they have a microchip, they will end up in pounds or rescue centres.

The pounds and rescue centres are just full to the brim in Cyprus and finding homes for the dogs over there is very difficult.

No animals deserve this treatment … Jodie’s Cyprus Dog Rehoming was set up to help rehome these deserving dogs.

Tala Monastery Cats

We are a group of volunteers who feed and care for the cats that live at the Agios Neofytos Monastery in Tala.
The cats originally lived by the side of the main car park at the monastery but now they have been moved a 50 meters or so down the road for health and safety reasons as the number of cats increased. The Agios Neofytos Monastery has very kindly provided this piece of land for the cats to live on and their help is greatly appreciated. The cats used to survive on tit-bits provided by tourists at the cafe at the monastery which was ok in the summer months but in winter the number of tourists dwindles and the cats go hungry. That is where we come in, we receive no funding or monetary reward, all food costs come from our own pockets.


PARC was initially developed informally by a couple of volunteers working with the local Veterinary clinic in Peyia, Paphos, Cyprus. First one sad, sick stray animal arrived at the clinic and needed treatment. Often found by holidaymakers who could not keep the poor creature, the team would find a way of covering the cost of essential treatment and then look for a foster home until a permanent home could be found.
Very quickly the number of referrals increased and now, three years on, many animals have been treated and rehomed. It is important to explain what our aims and objectives are as people often think we are a home for cats and dogs. This leads to a lot of frustration when we have to refuse to take an animal into our care. Parc is here to help sick and homeless animals. We will always provide treatment for a sick animal. No animal will suffer because of lack of funds.


Cyprus Pride House

We moved to Cyprus from England in June 2002, hoping to begin a peaceful, simple life relaxing in the sun by the sea. Unfortunately, it has turned out everything but simple. We don’t have the time or the money for relaxation and enjoyment, but instead struggle every day to help the poor cats and dogs that are suffering to survive and avoid cruelty.
We help by rescuing as many as possible but, as much as we love every single one of them, we can’t keep taking and taking and not getting them out to new homes. We do find homes for some of the animals we rescue, but not enough for the amount we take in – one goes out to a new home and another five come in!
We don’t have the money, capacity, space or enough energy to keep taking them into our home, but unfortunately without our help (and others like us) they will suffer and die.
Thankfully, with the help of friends and supporters back in the UK, we were able to start rehoming in the UK and also to other European countries. We have rehomed many hundreds of cats and dogs all over Europe, so please consider adopting wherever it is you live.
There’s no more quarantine and it really is straight forward to fly animals from Cyprus. All the animals are neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped. They hold an EU pet passport and receive a final vet check before being flown.

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