Island Info

General tips on Cyprus, so you`re all prepared before you arrive.

Language English is widely spoken however any effort to speak the local lingo will be greatly appreciated by the locals especially in the villages. The majority of Cypriots speak Greek. The Greek Cypriot dialect is slightly different from mainland Greece but you will still be understood & welcomed with a smile. Go on, give it a try …

Kalimera Good morning ** Thank you Efharisto ** Please Parakalo ** OK Endaxi

Hi & Bye Yassou ( yes, that’s right!) ** Wine Krassi ** Beer Beira ** Good Kala

Currency Cyprus is part of the Eurozone, there`s lots of ATMs to use however watch the banking hours as they will have summertime siestas – changing money in the hotel reception usually isn’t as good a rate as in the banks.

Electricity Electrical current is 240 volts, 50Hz. We use three square-pin plugs so no need for those stupid plastic adaptors!

Water is perfectly safe to drink, if you are staying in self catering apartments you will notice an extra cold water tap – this is from the mains supply as opposed to the tank on the roof – being a hot country during summer months to save water the mains supply will be cut on certain days but you`ll have the roof tank as back up – please use water sparingly!

Travel insurance is strongly recommended, its better to be safe than sorry. As in other hot countries mosquitoes can be a nuisance, so be prepared!

Hiring a car is a great idea! We drive on the same side as in the UK, signs are in English and we have traffic lights, zebra crossings, motorbike cops & speed traps … however the manners are not quite the same and horns will be heard regularly – so be prepared. Tourists drive a car with a red number plate which is specially insured and licensed only for tourists .. and lets the locals know to give you a wide berth!

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